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PART I- My Family
First in my "immediate family" is my husband... Victor. We will celebrate our 29th anniversary in 2005. Of course we didn't get married until the day before I went to prison in 1984, when the State of California, through Judge Aurolio Munoz, informed us that he couldn't come visit me in prison unless we were legally man and wife. [If for no other reason than the State mandate regarding visitations for inmates, I support same sex marriages because otherwise, an inmate- in a situation like the one in which I found myself years ago- is not allowed to have conjugal visitations with the person they love... and if the one you love is not the right gender for YOUR gender, they may not visit you, a situation I find quite appalling].

There are many (very ignorant) people who believe that whores can't maintain long term relationships, that no one will love them, or that the only other person who could possibly want to have a relationship with a whore is a "pimp" who regularly beats her and takes all her money. So far, Victor has never beat me- or laid a hand on me in anger- nor has he taken all my money- but perhaps that is because I didn't have any money left after the lawyers got it all???? Maybe I should replace him with a more traditional "pimp" so I can experience the unpleasantness that society expects us whores to endure.... NOT!
Just so we are clear- this man is the love of my life- my grand passion- and he treats me like platinum (more valuable than gold).

There are simply not enough hours in a day and words in the human language to express the love that I feel for this man. He has stood beside me through all my legal troubles, he is my best friend and companion for life. If there is such a thing as a soulmate, he is mine, for he is truly the other half of my being.


Victor and I don't have any children- I decided years ago that I didn't want to bring any children into the world for many reasons.... primarily because it seemed that all during my childhood I had changed enough diapers for a lifetime... I had changed them for almost all my siblings who came after me. Still, mothering instincts come with the territory of being a woman, so I fulfill these biological urges by spoiling my two cats, Dumas and Montana.

Oddly enough, my many nieces and nephews find it difficult to explain their two furry black-haired meowing 'cousins' in Southern California to their friends.

My cats fit right into the family, though, being as neurotic as the rest of us!

Someone asked me why I had black cats- did I believe in witch craft and such? No, I do not, but surely if I have been born at the time of the Salem Witch trials, there is no doubt I would have been accused of being one and been burnt at the stake. Other than to kill us or put us behind bars, society does not know what to do with uncontrollable women who know the power of their female sexuality and aren't afraid to use it.

Montana (left) and Dumas (right) the only "children" I have.....

As you may already know from viewing other pages on my site, I come from a very large family. I have eight brothers and five sisters, although one of my sisters passed away in 1995 of breast cancer. I am very proud of my family, and love each of my siblings very much- and of course I love my mother too. Our father passed away in 1986.

It wasn't easy growing up with so many siblings- each vying for the attention of our parents. I have no idea how my parents survived raising all of us to adulthood. I know that most people can't handle one or two children, much less fourteen. And despite the often severe financial hardships and less than perfect parenting, we all managed to grow up with no